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Thank you Jane Cotterill

Thank you Jane Cotterill

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jane Cotterill of Sutton Group for being a Real Estate Agent with a heart. Her sponsorship of One Silver Lining will support and help touch the lives of many young individuals through the assistance provided by this non-profit organization. If you are in the Markham area, we would recommend using Jane for your real estate needs. You can find her at

Here is a little blurb about the non-profit she supported with her generosity!

One Silver Lining is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a community where girls can ask for help from girls just like them. With unfair media expectations, it’s no wonder that over half of teenage girls are not happy with the way they look. It’s clear that body image and self esteem is the biggest issue facing teen girls today. In fact, an overwhelming 40% of girls have admitted to starving themselves or purging in an effort to look skinnier. With all that pressure to look “perfect”, girls are quickly losing confidence and becoming quite introverted… In fact, a shocking 67% of teen girls say that they’ve been depressed or suicidal. We believe that this percentage has become much too high. Teen girls need someone to talk to, somewhere where they can feel safe and included. With One Silver Lining, we provide that opportunity by creating a network where girls can talk to people they relate to, because when you truly need someone you don’t want to talk on a help-phone or a hotline, you want to talk to a friend. The majority of girls hate the way they look. With this organization, we’re doing our best to change that because all girls are beautiful. Whether they know it or not.


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