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Corporate Events

Everyone Smile!
Would you like to generate more interest in a product your launching at a convention, or create more interest and traffic during a trade show? We can help with that. Our photo booth will get you a lot of traffic causing your booth to get a lot more attention. Your potential customers will all have fond memories of your booth and will leave with a souvenir that will forever have your logo and even contact information on. Our Photo booth will assist in exposure and in brand development through different avenues of marketing attached with using our photo booths.


Take advantage of great pricing during the day on weekdays. We've been called in for lunch hours at companies. During these times we are usually booked in for 1 to 2 hours. This allows the employee's to have a ton of fun during their break. Our attendant(s) will ensure people participate and may even mix and match employee's during their photo sessions. Each employee receives a copy to take home with them, with a custom graphic created by us which could include the company logo or even a funny image from the management team. Your imaginations the limit. We will provide duplicate prints, and additional prints can be purchased and delivered at another time. The Company will also get a digital copy of the images.

Our Photo booth and staff will help the work environment become just a little bit more fun and will assist in making connections between fellow co-workers and management. Our goal is to ensure everyone has fun. A happy employee is a productive employee, which leads to a successful company, which in turn will benefit the employees.

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Not a lot of people know that the All Events PhotoBooth has been used as an advertising tool to reach out to many potential clients. The best part is that when your potential clients go home with their printed photo's, they will have your advertisement, contact information, and company logo in their homes or offices, and they will only have fond memories of the time they spent in our photo booth thanks to you. This works very well for large corporates, business to business, real estate agents, insurance brokers, and mortgage companies. Contact Us Today and ask us how we can help you advertise to a large group.

Don't Forget About Christmas Parties! All Events Photo Booth is great for your company functions, especially Christmas Parties. Events such as Christmas parties help bring up moral and shows your employee's that the company still cares about them. Let's all have an amazing holiday season with some joy and laughter. Our photo booth will be the driving force behind the fun at your next function!