Perfect For All Occasions

Perfect For All Occasions

The AllEventsPhotoBooth is perfect for any event you are throwing. Adding a little bit of fun to your party makes your events memorable to all that attend. Here are some examples of events that you may find our photo booths at:

Weddings, Birthday Party’s, Graduations, School Dance’s, Prom’s, BBQ’s, Fundraisers, Restaurants, Company Team Building Events, Product Launch’s, Trade Shows, Stags, and more…

What ever your imagination can come up with, we can find a way to incorporate our AllEventsPhotoBooth. If it makes no sense… We will be the first to tell you.


About Us

All Events Photo Booth and our staff are committed to providing our customers and their guests with an exciting and fun experience they will enjoy today and remember for years to come. Our Professional Representatives are both fun and charming to ensure a happy fun atmosphere for all of your friends to take part in.

You will find our custom graphics on your photo lab quality print outs will far surpass your expectations and the competitions, considering we are the sister company of a Multimedia Production House. You can almost say, Graphics and Photography run in our veins.

We are more than just your typical photobooth company. We are a Multimedia Power House!

Our patented photo booths are designed for special occasions and are not the arcade mall style photo booths. The L.E.D Lights can be changed to fit your events colors. The back drops can be custom printed to anything you desire.

Our staff members come from a large range of backgrounds (models, hosts, graphic designers, tv production, web design, actors, are just a few of the experts we have on-board), and are all here to make sure your event is an experience all your guests will remember!

Costumes and Props

We provide a plethora of different costumes and props for your guests to choose from to pose with. These props are all cleaned and sanitized before and after each event. We have scoured multiple locations and have conducted focus groups to help select the most fun props for the general public.If you wish to bring your own costumes and props you can most definitely do that. If you wish for us to buy all new props for your event, that is also possible if you are willing to entertain the costs. IF you are having a themed event we can also help search for appropriate costumes that pertain to your event. Please do inform us of the type of event and guests you are having to ensure everyone has a good time. Our costumes and props include objects like:

Capes, masks, wigs, weapons, fly swatters, boa’s, necklaces, plungers, hats, tiara’s, glasses, chains, and much more.

The more you can tell us about your guests, the better we will be able to cater this portion of your rental to your liking.

Help us make your event memorable!


Fun For All Ages!!!

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